Visit to Three European Medical Institutions to Explore the Innovative Development of Taiji Health in the Field of Medical Health

Recently Dr. Li Jie and her?team from Taiji Health Center of Shanghai?University?of Traditional Chinese Medicine?went to?Athens, Nice?and Paris?to?visit three hospitals, namely, Athens Medical Center, h?pital lArchet?in Nice?and h?pital Pitié-Salpêtrière in Paris. Medical institutions sh Nice Arhols (hrhpital'Archet) and Pittier-Salptrire Hospital in Paris?to?explore the innovative development of Taiji Health?in the field of overseas health care.

bet36足球开户 Athens Medical Center is affiliated to Athens Medical Group, which is the second largest private medical consortium in Europe and enjoys a high reputation in Athens, Greece and even Europe. Accompanied by Mr. Costis, Director of Business Development and Management?of the Group and Mr. Pavlos, Executive Consultant, Dr. Li Jie, Director of Shanghai Qigong Institute,?and her team?visited the International Outpatient Department and International Inpatient Department of the Center. Each department of the center has international certification standards, and its facilities and proportion of doctors and nurses have reached a fairly high level. Athens Medical Group has a special group of experts on complementary and alternative medicine, dedicated to promoting related work. During this period, Dr.?Li Jie introduced the operation of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai Qigong Research Institute and the sub-center of Taiji Health Center in Greece. Athens Medical Group is confident in promoting complementary and alternative medicine in the medical consortium. The group will make a specific assessment of the promotion of complementary and alternative medicine in the medical consortium. It hopes to further discuss the details of the cooperation with Taiji Health Center. During her?stay in Greece, Dr. Li Jie and her?team?also visited the ruins of the Hippocratic Medical College and attended a forum on Chinese and Western medicine culture on Kos Island, where they were interviewed by the local mainstream media Star-TV.

Subsequently, Dr. Li Jie and her team?went to h?pital lArchet?in Nice?to attend the Academic Conference on traditional Chinese and French medicine held by the Medical College of Nice University. h?pital lArchet, a teaching hospital affiliated to Nice University, was established in 1979. It is a large general hospital with 602 beds. It has a long history of relationship with traditional Chinese medicine. At the meeting, Dr.?Li Jie gave a speech entitled 'The Value and Application of Chinese Taiji Qigong in Contemporary Health'. Professor V ronique ALUNNI, Vice President of Medical College of Nice University, Director of Infectious Diseases Department of Hospital, Head of Traditional Medicine Laboratory, Head of Hypnotic Training, Ms. COHADE, Head of Qigong Committee of French Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Mr. DANUEL CONCAS, Chairman of Monaco Qigong Association, attended the meeting. Dr. Zhong Lei, Head?of Medical Outpatient Department of Shanghai Qigong Research Institute, led more than 20 participants to practice 'Ba?Duan?Jin'. and explained its?clinical application.?A?tuina?demonstration was conducted. Through seminar lectures, exercises and demonstrations, professors and experts from the Medical College of Nice University expressed their expectations for the clinical application of Qigong and tuina, and hoped to have the opportunity to cooperate with our university in the future.

Lastly, Dr. Li Jie?and?her team visited h?pital Pitié-Salpêtrière, affiliated to Paris Public Hospital Group, which is the largest public hospital group in France and Europe.It was founded in 1613 and has more than 2,300 beds. It has the most leading subjects in France. The hospital is recognized as the largest hospital group in France and Europe. The two sides?held talks. Professor BITKET, Vice-Chairman of the Steering Committee of Supplementary Medicine of Paris Public Hospital, and Professor Liu Bingkai, an expert of the Steering Committee of Supplementary Medicine of Paris Public Hospital, introduced the assistant application of Qigong in improving the quality of life of cancer patients and patients with severe obesity. The two sides exchanged views on the clinical application of part of Qigong method in the corresponding departments of Paris Public Hospital. The French side will complete the examination and approval of the French translation of the Dictionary of Common Terminology of Qigong in Traditional Chinese Medicine by the end of June, and is expected to publish it by the end of this year.?

Since the establishment of Taiji Health Center, a series of teaching and training has been carried out in Greece, France, Spain and other European countries to promote the 'Taiji Health' culture, which has been warmly welcomed by the local people. This visit examines three medical institutions in Europe to understand the local clinical application of traditional Chinese?medicine in depth, and to seek the innovation and focus?points?for the future development of the taiji health center in the medical and health field along the 'one belt and one road' areas?in Europe.?

(Written by Integrated?Administrative?Office)